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    - iFilm Festival | 2019
    - Golden Door International Film Festival | #GDFF19
  • Thriller Competition #ASFF19
    - Bafta Qualifying | Aesthetica Short Film Festival
  • WINNER: Best short Innovation #TRIFF
    - Best Short-Innovation, Best Director, Best Sound Design, Best Colorist
  • "A masterpiece"
    - Indie Shorts Mag
  • "Poetic Cinema"
    - TMFF Review
  • "Engaging and enthralling"
    - Richard Propes | The Independent Critic
  • "will jar your senses"
    -Alan Ng | Film Threat
  • "That ending will stay with you"
    - Donna-Lyn Washington | Review Fix


This is a story about Photographer Isabelle Pisano, a woman who became hearing-impaired after a violent car accident. As she struggles to cope in the muffled and scary new normal something beautifully-terrifying happens.
SOUND is a proof-of-concept for a feature script we have in development. The feature-length story is slightly different than our short.

Meet Our Team

With this kind of film it's ideal to have a decent size crew but with the budget we had the three of us found creative ways to make this film.

Hi all

I am just a social media heartbeat away. You can also check out my website! :-)

Crystal Porter-Bazemore
Producer | Lead Actress
Good day

Check out my social media pages below to see what I have going on. Oh and I have a website too...

Tawan Bazemore
Writer/Director & Cinematographer

Creating, traveling, touring, contemplating...See what's next. Social media and official site links below.

Jeffery Alan Jones
Composer and Sound Designer
Official trailer
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  • An enthralling and engaging experience from beginning to end, Sound tells a most unique story and it's a story you're unlikely to forget anytime soon.
    Richard Propes
    The Independent Critic
  • Tawan Bazemore accesses the stylistics of poetic cinema...
  • It's a short that will jar your senses and leave you emotionally stunned,which quite frankly is what more short films should do.
    Alan Ng
    Film Threat
  • That ending will stay with you, it's that good.
    Donna-Lyn Washington
    Review Fix

Upcoming Screenings

National & International screenings and premieres. If SOUND is screening in your area please let us know. We always purchase a few tickets to give out.

Aesthetica Short Film Festival

York, UK
Nov. 6-10, 2019
Short Film Thriller Programme

Sanford Film Festival

Sanford, Maine
October 18, 2019
Horror Friday Program

San Antonio Black Film Festival

San Antonio, Texas
October 12, 2019
Film Competition Selection Screenings
Lady Filmmakers

Lady Filmmakers Festival

Beverly Hills, California
September 27, 2019
Halloween Teaser Shorts Program #5

Lulea Film Festival

Lulea, Sweden
September 27, 2019
Two Roads

Golden Door Film Festival

Jersey City, New Jersey
September 21, 2019
Red Carpet Short Film Block #32
Two Roads

Two Roads Film Festival

Brooklyn, New York
September 07, 2019
Chicago Southland

Chicago Southland Film Festival

Chicago, Illinois
September 07, 2019

Writer/Director | Tawan Bazemore, CSI

Tawan Bazemore, a member of the prestigious Colorist Society International
is an award-winning Los Angeles based filmmaker, from Paterson, New Jersey.
His short P.O.V was accepted into Cannes Short Film Corner in 2008.

In 2017 a feature he directed "HIBISCUS" was picked for distribution through Amazon.
His short SOUND is being critically acclaimed and "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" as

Recent News

This page is constantly updated as we take SOUND from festival to festival. Here is where we document our wins and latest news! Stay in the now!
iFilm Festival

Best Cinematography

SOUND wins BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY iFilm Festival This is Tawan's 2nd win and 4th nomination for the Cinematography in Sound.

Golden Door

Best Concept Short

Golden Door International Film Festival awarded SOUND Best Concept of a Short

Two Roads

Best Innovation - Short

Two Roads International Film Festival awarded SOUND with four awards, Best Short, Best Innovation - Director, Best Sound and Best Color

Director's Statement

I love the idea of shaping a world within a frame and telling a layered story
through direction and subtext. My task as a Director, for Sound was to tell a
complete story without dialogue and use sound design as the antagonist.
The concept isn't just about a woman, Isabelle, being subjected to deafening
sounds. It's about how a violent car accident changed her life.

I wanted her scary new-normal and isolation to also be intimate. So, I was
very careful in crafting the mood and texture; from camera and lenses to
wardrobe and production design. The idea is take the audience with her.

- Tawan Bazemore, CSI

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