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Interview with our JUNE 2019 winner: Tawan Bazemore

Congratulations for your great victory! Sound grabs another couple of accolades in an already impressive list.

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TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival
Film Review of SOUND

Indeed, words are not always sufficient to express the deep states of the human soul.

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Film Threat

Film Threat
review of SOUND

In an instant, some freak accident, a moment of bad luck, or some unforeseen event can change your life forever.

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Shorts Mag

'Sound' Shows The Unexpected Tragedy Of Recovering From An Accident

Fear doesn't require an invitation. But, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) does.

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Review Fix

'It'll Stay With You' Review Fix
Film review of SOUND

A woman gets into a horrific car accident and as a result loses her hearing.

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The Independent Critic

The Independent Critic 'Sound'
set for Diversity in Cannes Showcase

Writer/Director Tawan Bazemore's 15 minute experimental, inspired short...

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